About Me

Hi there, thank you for visiting A Books Eternal Glory, here is a little about me that you may want to know,

My name is Charlie and I'm from the UK, I'm 17 years old and I'm currently in Sixth Form studying Media. Even after 2 long years of studying German and not enjoying it, 4 years after learning my first German word I am no restudying end enjoying it so much more.But when I'm not busy catching up with my media work at home, I'm listening to music or catching up with the many TV shows I like.

I'm a huge fan of American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Forever, The Following and other random choices of TV shows. Even when my media work is over with and the music has been on repeat for hours, you'll find me on the sofa  or on my bed writing or reading. I'm currently working on a great story and with the help of some great people, I'll be able to improve my skills.

I'm always up for a cup of tea and a good book so if you have any killer book and tea pairings then feel free to share them with me.

Welcome to A Books Eternal Glory, I hope to see you around.
- Charlie


  1. Yay! I'm so glad your blog is up and running again! I can't wait to see all of the stuff you'll post, and I really hope I get to read some of your own writing one day :).xxx

    1. I'm glad to have it up and without fault after experiencing many faults in certain areas. I must let you know that I'm planning to post a little of my writing this Thursday in place of a positive headline.